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March 7, 2023

Real Retirement: What our clients are up to

Matthew Sinclair APFS
Chartered Financial Planner
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At Wealth of Advice, we pride ourselves on caring about our clients and working hard to ensure that they can meet their objectives.  In building these long-standing relationships we share in the good and bad experiences that our clients have during their lives.

This week a couple of our clients have shared photos of themselves enjoying retirement.  Everyone has a different plan for what they want to do in retirement and a number of clients recently have said “I don’t want to get old in retirement, I want to stay active”.  The clients below have certainly been keeping active!

Roy, Michael, and Brian

Roy, Michael and Brian used to work together and in retirement they still enjoy spending time together.  This week they enjoyed a round of golf at George Washington Golf Course.  Due to the very wet weather, it was a challenging experience, on what is a tricky golf course even in good weather.

Many of our clients enjoy hobbies such as golf in retirement.  The average round of golf is 13,000 steps, which certainly helps keep you fit.

Craig and Wendy

Craig and Wendy enjoyed some time in Scotland to celebrate their birthdays.  As you can see from the photos, they were treated to good weather which showed off Loch Lomond at its finest.

As a result of hard work and good planning, Craig and Wendy were able to retire early and when they don’t have grandparent duties they are often traveling the UK.

Cycling and walking around the Spectacular Scottish Highlands, enjoying the picturesque scenery is certainly a good way to spend your birthday.

Can you retire in 2023?

If you can see yourself playing more golf in retirement or are keen to explore the Scottish Highlands, what are you waiting for?

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Matthew Sinclair (left) and Chris Breward (right), Chartered Financial Planners at Wealth of Advice