Why Choose Wealth of Advice?

COVID-19 Update

During this difficult time we will continue to provide you with the standard of service that you expect, even if we can’t always meet face-to-face.

The Value We Add

At Wealth of Advice we believe that professional financial advice can add significant value to individuals and businesses. As your partner in building wealth and security, we focus on the ways that we can help you to live the life that you want to live.

Choosing a financial partner is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. By engaging Wealth of Advice, you assure yourself of regular financial check-ups and access to new ideas brought to you by the team. We aim to act fairly and impartially at all times, and to communicate with you in a jargon-free, easy to understand manner.

We offer individually tailored financial planning solutions with a highly personalised touch. Our team is highly experienced and qualified to provide you with tailored solutions which will provide the best balance between your requirements and your budget.


MD Chris Breward is a Chartered Financial Planner (CII), which means he holds the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (APFS) or equivalent and has a minimum of five years’ industry experience.

The ‘Chartered’ title can only be conferred under the auspices of the Privy Council and is designed to indicate professional attainment and commitment.

He can also use the designation APFS, which means he holds the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning or equivalent. This develops specialist planning capabilities supporting the provision of a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to financial management

Many of our team can use the designation DIPFS, which means they hold the Diploma in Financial Planning or equivalent. This develops advanced technical knowledge and understanding across a broad range of key advisory areas as selected by the adviser.

Chris, Aimee and Matthew have all completed the Pension Transfers (AF7) exam, which means they have the specialist knowledge and skills needed for advising on the transfer of safeguarded benefits.

At Wealth of Advice, we believe in constantly improving our knowledge and we encourage our staff to complete exams regularly.


As we offer an ongoing service, we want to ensure that clients are satisfied.

We therefore ask for feedback regularly and our service is always rated highly.

We also feel it’s important to receive feedback from external sources, we use VouchedFor which is an independent service which allows people to review their professional advisers.

We have over 150 reviews on VouchedFor and have an overall score of 4.7 to 4.8 out 5 (this fluctuates when new reviews are added).

The VouchedFor service verifies that all reviews are genuine, which ensures that the rating a fair reflection of the quality of our work.

Wealth of Advice was one of a small number of advisers to be included in The Times’ newspaper’s 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers.