Investment Management

growing your wealth with expert advice.

Get a financial plan which can help grow your wealth for the future with advice from our Chartered Financial Planners. Our ongoing management means you're always on the right track and we're on hand if you need us.

Investment Management

What Can We Help With?

establish a Long-Term Plan

If you've inherited a sum of money, want to make the most of your savings or had the pleasure of a lottery win, we review your finances and create a long-term plan to make the most of your wealth.

Implementing Your Financial Plan

Your attitude to risk and financial situation will form the basis of your financial plan, which we will then implement for you if you would like to go ahead with our services.

Ongoing Investment Management

You will then get ongoing management of your investments from us, including meetings with your adviser to make sure you're always on the right track and regular video updates from us.

Investment Management

Investing tailored to your personal circumstances.

We'll assess your attitude to investment risk and look at your entire financial picture to make sure your financial plan stays on the right track.

Making Your Pension Last

Investing can be a great way to combat inflation, and our financial planning services will guide you on decisions which can make sure your Pension lasts as long as you do.

Tax Efficiency

Make use of your allowances by contributing into Pensions and investing in products like ISAs and Investment Bonds which have favourable tax rules. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your investments, both now and in the future.

Managing A Lump Sum

Whether you've taken your tax-free cash from your Pension, received an inheritance or had the pleasure of winning the lottery, we can help you invest your lump sum in a way that aligns with your personal goals and financial situation.

Diversified Portfolios

Our portfolios invest in different asset classes so that you're well diversified and protected, rather than putting all of your eggs into one basket. We assess your attitude to risk to make sure our recommendation is right for you.

Saving For Your Family

If you want to invest some money for your children or grandchildren so that they're looked after when you pass away, we can help put a plan in place to do this in a tax efficient way.

Selling Your Business

If you've sold your business and you're looking to grow your wealth, we can put a plan in place that means you can live comfortably and still have savings for the future.

Investment Management

What Does A Financial Planner Do For Your Investments?

We create a tailored financial plan which factors in your attitude to investment risk, as well as your overall financial picture.

During our Annual Review with you, we talk about any changes to your circumstances that might mean you should make changes to your plan, and talk to you about any concerns you might have.

We're there for you and provide the advice you need to make sure you're making the most of your wealth.

Get your financial plan on the right track.

If you want a better view of what your future could be, we'll have a chat over a cup of coffee in our Durham office and work out if we can add any value to your financial picture.

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Matthew Sinclair (left) and Chris Breward (right), Chartered Financial Planners at Wealth of Advice