Estate Planning

Passing on your wealth and looking after your family.

Estate planning is all about protecting your assets, making sure that your family are looked after when you're gone. As part of our ongoing financial planning service, we'll make sure your assets are passed to who you want, limiting the amount that goes to the taxman while we're at it.

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Estate Planning

What Can We Help With?

We know how important it is that your loved ones are looked after when you pass away, and we're here for them for every step of the journey.

Reviewing Your Existing Arrangements

Is your Will up to date, and do you have a Power of Attorney? We'll look at your Pension Death Benefits, any Inheritance Tax liabilities and if you would benefit from setting up a Trust.

Putting Your Plan In Place

After reviewing your existing estate planning, we'll recommend changes to benefit you and your beneficiaries. After discussing these changes with you, we'll put your finalised plan in place.

Reviewing Your Plan Regularly

You will receive meetings with your adviser at least annually to review your existing plans and make sure they still align with the needs of you and your beneficiaries.

Providing A Will

Having an up to date Will is important for any financial plan, which is why we offer this service to our clients.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Don't assume that your partner can sort out your affairs should something happen to you just because you're married!

Inheritance Tax Planning & Trusts

You can avoid Inheritance Tax with a Trust by moving ownership of assets to that Trust, reducing the value of your estate.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Estate Planning, Tax Advice, Wills or Trusts.
Estate Planning

Planning for the next generation.

Growing your wealth is obviously important, but it's also key to think about what happens to that wealth when you pass away.

Planning your estate properly with Wills and Trusts can make the whole process easier for your beneficiaries, as well as reducing their tax burden.

Your financial plan will make sure your estate is properly planned and that your loved ones have a financial partner to ease some of the stress when you pass away.

Get your financial plan on the right track.

If you want a better view of what your future could be, we'll have a chat over a cup of coffee in our Durham office and work out if we can add any value to your financial picture.

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