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Our Chartered Financial Planners are here to help you make the most out of your retirement, whether you're planning for the future or already enjoying later life.
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Our clients have grafted for decades to build their pension pots - they're not about to be ripped off now.

We don't try to woo clients with fancy fish tanks, gold-foiled brochures and outlandish promises.

The only promise we make is that our advice and service will be so good that in a few years' time you'll be recommending us to your friends.

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Meet the Wealth of Advice team and find out more about what we do for our clients.

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Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to keep it that way.
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“I have been finished work for around four to five years and we have never looked back.”

If you're approaching or in retirement, we can give you expert advice on your financial situation.
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Retirement planning

We're retirement specialists, so we know our stuff. What you need in retirement completely depends on your individual circumstances, so there isn't a solution that works for everyone. Our retirement planning service helps you to get prepared on the build up to retirement, as well as managing your pensions and investments for you throughout your retirement.

Your Retirement Options

Make a more informed decision in retirement by having a better understanding of the options available to you.

Pension Consolidation

Consolidate your pensions into one easy to manage pot with the help of our independent financial advisers.

Your Retirement Plan

If you aren't at retirement age yet, it's still important to make sure that your retirement plan is on the right track.

Lifetime Allowance

If your pension exceeds £1,073,000, you could be subject to paying additional tax due to the Lifetime Allowance.
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investment management

We look at your whole financial situation to help you work out what investment risk you can reasonably take, and what investment losses you would be able to deal with. With our ongoing investment management, you can trust that you're in safe hands. We keep you informed every step of the way, and you can review how your assets are performing whenever you like with our My WoA app.

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Ongoing Management

You shouldn't have to worry about your investments. We'll take the weight off for you.

Where Can You Invest?

From property to stocks, there are lots of different asset classes you could invest in.

Investment Risk

Work out your attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss before you begin investing.

ESG Investing

Consider environmental, social and governance factors for your investments.
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estate & tax planning

We know the word "estate" is often associated with huge houses and masses of land, but all it really means is the assets that you hold. This could be your house, insurance policies, investments and a variety of other things. Planning your estate properly before you die can help make sure that your loved ones get the most out of your assets, instead of the taxman - assets above the inheritance tax threshold are taxed at 40%.

Leaving a Legacy

A big part of estate planning is making sure your assets pass down to the right people.

Inheritance Tax

We can help you work out how to lower your inheritance tax bill.

Maximise Your Allowances

Be tax efficient by maximising your allowances, making the most of the options available to you.
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“i have been a wealth of advice client for 7 years now and have no regrets whatsoever.”

Financial advice you can rely on.
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From retirement planning to life insurance, we post regular blogs and videos to teach people about financial services in a jargon-free way.
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We always keep our clients in the loop with our regular video updates, and we also actively share educational resources to help people improve their financial knowledge.

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We'll be with you every step of the way as your financial partner for life - if you'll have us!
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