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asset classes explained

There are many asset classes with different characteristics. Each asset class can have different levels of risk and potential returns. By investing in a variety of asset classes, investors can diversify their portfolios and potentially reduce their overall investment risk.

Some common examples of asset classes are shown below.

equities / shares

Also known as stocks and shares. Owning equity in a company means as the shareholder, you may benefit from profit distributions, known as dividends.


Alternatives include a wide range of investments such as property, commodities or currencies. Alternative investments can help provide resilience against inflation but may also be volatile.

Fixed Interest (Bonds)

Often referred to as Gilts or Corporate Bonds, they pay a regular income to investors. Bond capital values tend not to increase or decrease as much as equities, however bond values can still fluctuate.


Cash is the lower risk asset class. For the certainty of capital value, lower rates of interest are generated. The value will not fall but it is exposed to inflation risk. Popular direct holdings include bank/building society savings, fixed rate accounts and NS&I accounts. When investing via an investment fund, this portion of investment will often be referred to as 'Money Market.'

multi-asset portfolios

A multi-asset Portfolio is a diversified investment portfolio that includes a mixture of different asset classes.

The main benefit of a multi-asset portfolio is that it can provide better risk management and potentially higher returns than a single asset class. This is because each asset class behaves differently as a result of economic factors. By spreading your investments across multiple asset classes, you reduce your exposure to any one particular risk or market, and increase the chances of benefiting from opportunities in other asset classes. However, as with any investment, it's important to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice to ensure a multi-asset portfolio is suitable for your individual financial goals and attitude to risk.

At Wealth of Advice, we offer managed multi-asset portfolios tailored to different risk levels. If you would like to find out more about our portfolios, get in touch with us to book an appointment with one of our financial planners.
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