Every year we invite our clients to come together to learn more about market trends, investment fluctuations and, most importantly, how their own financial assets are performing.

Why do we do this?

Well, firstly, we know you appreciate this open approach – our annual seminar complements the personal updates we provide to everyone throughout the year, and gives you a chance to hear from the Wealth of Advice team about what we’re doing to make you wealthier.

It’s also an opportunity for you to hear from industry influencers and financial experts who analyse stocks, shares and investment pots on a daily basis which could potentially shape where we advise you to spend your money in the future.

This year, we held two sessions at Ramside Hall Hotel and we were delighted to see so many of our clients in attendance.

The morning session included a presentation from Colin Morton, lead manager of the Franklin Templeton UK Equity Fund, while Matthew, Mike, Aimee and I all gave updates from the business on the things we know you want and need to hear about.

The afternoon session saw Hugh MacTruong, Senior Distribution Strategy Manager at Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), take to the stage to talk about the state of global investment markets and the benefits of investing in a well-diversified portfolio.

We also presented videos from T Rowe Price, Royal London and Janus Henderson.

Around 100 of our clients gave up their time to join us for the seminar, and your feedback tells us you found the session incredibly useful which is what we wanted.

If any of you who couldn’t attend wants to know more about the information shared, please get in touch with us and we’ll happily provide you with an update