Everyone needs a bit of R&R from time to time – in our case that’s relationships and recommendations…

As a growing family business which was born from a desire to change the face of the financial services industry, we pride ourselves on the ability to attract and retain our clients.

We know that when an individual comes to us, they’ll receive such a good service that they’ll recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

Ultimately, in our hands (or rather our arms as we like to think of ourselves as a big cuddle around our clients’ assets) they become wealthier.

Wealthier clients make for happy clients and for a business that started with nothing, ensuring a return on investment has what has got us to where we are today – managing a portfolio of investment valued at over £115m and employing 15 people.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow as the saying goes.

But as any business knows, it’s one thing for you to say you’re good. That’s to be expected. No business is going to grow by telling their existing and potential clients that they’re not. It’s another thing altogether when independent reviews, which recommend your business as an example of excellence, come in for your services.

I am proud to say that alongside the many industry accreditations and certificates awarded to us, we have also been given a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ rating by leading industry review website, Vouched For.

The website lists financial advice companies by order of popularity, based on independent reviews submitted, and I am delighted that the site has given me its ‘Top Rated 2019’ status with a 5* review for the quality of service offered by myself and Wealth Of Advice.

I cannot underestimate how invaluable this is to a business like ours – relationships are everything and we simply couldn’t have got to the point we’re at today without treating every single one of our clients like they’re the most important.