We have put together another video presentation giving an update on our thoughts as to what is happening in the world of investments right now.

YouTube: Click this link for the latest video

As you will see the video proved tricky to edit and there are few pauses when we change through the sections of it, however please forgive us as last week when we did the first one we have 14 members of staff in the office, today there was only four of us there as everyone else was working from home! The main thing was to get this message across to you.

Investments are down for everyone and we are encouraging people not to panic, we believe that the worst of the market falls have now happened. We are speaking with all fund managers where possible and making changes only where feel appropriate to do so.

I have spoken with lots of clients this week and know there are few I still need to call on Monday, it has been an absolutely crazy week but we want to assure everyone that we are working as hard as possible to keep on top of this.

All staff are working from home, I purchased enough laptops earlier in the week to allow everyone to be at home working. We will be coming in daily in turns to answer the phones and sort the incoming post out.

Please take care during this time and get in touch if you need anything from us.