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Social Distancing in the Wealth of Advice offices

 In anticipation of us coming out of lockdown in the not too distant future, we have made some alterations to our office to make it safe for both clients and staff to hopefully operate in as normal a way as we possibly can.

I am not sure if you are aware but we took on extra office space downstairs in the building in 2019 and this includes a second client meeting room. Earlier this week we connected the upstairs and downstairs client meeting rooms up via Cameras with audio pictures coming through the TV’s in both rooms.  Yesterday we had our first test of this as a client had to come in to complete some forms ahead of a crucial deadline, he came in and went into the room downstairs as directed by signs put on as you enter the building, I explained everything from upstairs TV, he completed all the forms and was assisted wiht me watching on, he was able to have his ID copied by leaving it on a table outside the door of the meeting room. Aimee copied these before placing them back where he’d left them for him to collect as he left the room. It meant that we could conduct a meeting as face to face as is possible without having to actually share the same room!

There is also a third room on the ground floor that we agreed to take on months ago and this has now been decorated with a view to moving some of the staff in there when we get back to working, this will allow us to spread everyone out more thinly across the office, again to avoid people sharing the same workspace area as much as possible and hopefully making it a completely safe environment for people to work in. That said I would expect when we are able to return, that we still will see a good number of people working from home and coming into the office in small groups in various ‘shifts’.

Telephoning the office

Please note that all calls to the officer are currently diverted to a mobile phone that is being answered in her home by Jessica, not many of you will know who she is as she only joined the firm on March 9th, she has been a great addition to the team and is always happy to help with any query you may have. When calling her, she will take your details and get your message to the relevant person and they will then call you back. This was felt as the most suitable way of managing the telephone system when we are all mostly working from home right now.