About Wealth of Advice

Wealth of Advice is an independent financial planning company which helps clients invest their wealth for maximum return on investment.

The family run business was launched by Managing Director Chris Breward in 2012, having worked in the financial services sector for a number of years, learning his trade with firms in both the North East and North West.

Chris’ vision was simple – to change the image and reputation of the sector and restore a trust that he felt had been lost, to show that finance companies could be profitable and successful whilst still putting the best interests of clients at the forefront of everything they do.

Now, eight years on and Wealth of Advice now provides services to hundreds of clients, managing an investment portfolio of over £115m on their behalf.

Our experienced team of financial advisers and paraplanners provide help in a range of areas, including retirement planning, investment management and estate planning, with the primary aim of ensuring our clients become wealthier as a result of the help that we provide.

“When I launched the business, I wanted to do things differently. As an industry the working demographic is at the older end of the scale and is perceived as quite stuffy and elitist. I wanted to change that. I wanted my clients to trust me, to understand that the advice I was giving them was based on their best interests, not mine. If I met with someone and it wasn’t right for them to transfer their financial management to Wealth of Advice, that’s what I would advise them, even if it meant we lost out on that business.”

Chris Breward, MD, Wealth of Advice

Wealth of Advice is based in the heart of Durham, in offices at Mandale Business Park within Belmont. Chris employs a team of 15 people and, keeping it in the family, counts his wife, his sister and two of his nieces among his employees. Wealth of Advice has access to all solutions available across the entire investment universe, enabling the team to advise clients on the best places to invest their assets based on current trends and market fluctuations.

Our commitment to providing clients with the best possible service means every individual receives an annual review of their investments, as well as regular email updates on the performance of fund portfolios. It is this approach to maintaining a high level of ongoing service which has given us such a high client retention rate and year on year growth for the business.

“We put our clients at the heart of everything we do – people do business with people and our personal service and bespoke approach to asset management is what sets us apart from other companies within our sector.”

To speak with Chris or one of the Wealth of Advice team, call 0191 3841008.

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